StrEAT Festival in downtown

Where To Go & What To See

New Westminster is constantly growing with new local businesses and initiatives all working together to help support the community. Check out the list below!

Interior Designers & Architecture firms in New Westminster:

  • Pattison Architecture:
    River Market, 810 Quayside Dr. #201
    (604) 525-3232
  • Alan Brown Architect
    110 3rd Avenue
    (604) 525-5259
  • Randy Bens Architect
    1833 Edinburgh St.
    (604) 540-5102
  • Billard Architecture
    42 Begbie Street, New Westminter
    (604) 619-0529
  • Design With Confidence:
    314 Sixth St.
    (604) 553-0484
  • Bliss ReDesigns
    230 Salter St.
    (778) 872-5477
  • Intermind Design Inc.
    609 Lidster PI
    (604) 338-9936

Social Media Accounts to follow:

Instagram: the_royal_city

Instagram: Tourismnewwest

Instagram: Downtownnewwest

Instagram: City of New Westminster

Where to learn all about the history of New Westminster and see how the city has changed:

  • New Westminster Public Library
    Check their website out here.
  • New Westminster Museum and Archives
    777 Columbia St.
  • Irving House
    320 Royal Ave.
  • Heritage Walking Tour: Downtown
    Check out this tour you can do yourself from the Heritage Walking Tour.
    Here is the brochure for the downtown tour.

    Other notable businesses to follow:

    The following business promote local innovation and design in New Westminster.

Hive City Hive City
Hive City is a storefront and cafe and they create products using cardboard. They support many of the local businesses by providing sustainable design solutions.


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